At Exotic Woods, we stock many types of finishes for all of your project needs. Check them out below!ย Drop by for a visit, call 905.335.8066 or email for stock info. For pricing info, fill out our form. Adhesives/Fillers in stock at Exotic Woods include:

CA Insta-Cure Products: Thin, Gap Filling, Accelerator, Debonder, Replacement Tips, Replacement Caps

Contact Cement

Alumilite Dyes


Available Sizes: Small – 0.47L, Medium – 0.95L, Large – 1.89L, Extra Large – 3.78L

Thick Pour Epoxy – Up to 1″ with 1 Coat (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large)

  • Part A Resin
  • Part B Hardener

Coating Epoxy High Gloss – Slowsetย – Pourable and Self-Leveling (Small, Large)

  • Part A Resin – Dry Time= 10-12 Hours
  • Part B Hardenerย – Dry Time= 10-12 Hours

Coating Epoxyย UV Resistant (Small, Large)

  • Part A Resin – Dry Time= 8-12 Hours
  • Part B Hardener – Dry Time= 8-12 Hours


System Three Products: T-88, Epoxy Pigment (white, black, or brown) QuickCure, Epoxy Sealer, Various Measuring Cups

Timber Mate Wood Filler Products: Jarrah, Braz Cherry, Mahogany, Red Oak, Natural, Maple, Teak, Walnut, White Oak, Red Oak, Chestnut, Cherry, Tasman, Ebony, Alder

Titebond Products: Wood Glue, Poly Glue, Dark Wood Glue, Cold Press Glue, Liquid Hide Glue

West System Products: Filler, Mini Pump Set, Roller Cover, Glue Brush, G-Flex Epoxy, Resin Epoxy, Hardener, Mixing Pot, Static Mixer, Thickened Epoxy, Squeegee, Syringe, Mixing Stick