Machining & Finishing

Since 1979, Exotic Woods has offered customers high quality custom machining services. Whether it be for musical instruments, kitchens, cabinets or precision patterns, we provide lumber machined to exact specifications. Here are some of the services we provide using our complete line of precision wood machining tools on our premise:

  • custom planing (from 1/8″ – 9″ thick up to 24″ wide)
  • thickness sanding (up to 51″)
  • resawing (up to 16″)
  • ripping: precision cutting of plywoods and solid stock
  • laminating: butcher blocks, counter tops and table tops
  • carving and sign blanks
  • moulding: custom profiles to match existing or new
  • solid wood mantels
  • trophy and sculpture bases
  • guitar-fret board slotting

For more information about our Machining & Finishing services, please contact:

P: (905) 335-8066

Ordering & Shipping

We ship anywhere in North America via road transport, parcel post or courier. All prices are F.O.B. our warehouse. All applicable taxes are extra. Our minimum shipping and handling charge is $10.00.

For more information on Ordering & Shipping, please contact:

Chris Marshall
Customer Service Specialist
P: (905) 335-8066