Cutek Colourtones


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Product Type: Exterior, Finishes


Colour “shots” for the Cutek Extreme Clear Oil. One 90ml tin tints one gallon (3.68L) of the finish. Use 2 x 90ml for a more intense colour.

CLICK HERE to view colourtone colour options on your selected timber species.

Enhance, don’t mask the beauty of wood – highlights the natural grain and feel of wood

CUTEK® Extreme is sold as a clear oil, and if applied without an added CUTEK® Colourtone it will allow your wood to lighten naturally into a beautiful silver look on exposure to sunlight and UV.


CUTEK® Extreme diffuses deeply into wood and will continue to provide moisture protection and improve dimensional stability even if a CUTEK® Colourtone is not added and the wood becomes weathered and grey.

If you would like to retain the natural freshly oiled colour of the wood you’re working with, you MUST add a suitable Colourtone to the clear oil. Choose one of our Colourtones which have been specifically developed to closely match many popular wood species.

For best results, select a Colourtone that stays close to the natural shade of the coated wood.


Use ONLY CUTEK® Colourtones with CUTEK® Extreme. These are PROPRIETARY products designed to work together, and are also not compatible with any third-party product

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