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Product Type: Exterior, Finishes


DuroGrit not only has incredible and long-lasting UV protection compared to other exterior wood finishing products, but it’s also extremely durable and wear-resistant.

Patented FibreGrit Technology: Experience the future of wood finishing with DuroGrit’s patented FibreGrit Technology. This cutting-edge innovation incorporates cellulose wood fibers, creating the most durable protection for your wood. It’s ecological and 0% VOC, ensuring it’s both safe for the environment and the user.

1-Layer Technology: DuroGrit’s innovative formula offers deep wood penetration and optimal moisture regulation, providing superior protection. Not only does eliminating the need for pretreatments and multiple layers save you time and money, but it also reduces packaging and transport waste.

Tomorrow’s UV Resistance: Next generation technology offers next-generation benefits. FiberGrit technology allows for an increased amount of UV blockers, offering advanced protection and shielding exterior wood against greying. Ensure your wood projects retain the natural beauty with minimal maintenance.

Tough Mechanical Protection: DuroGrit ensures your wood is water and dirt repellent. Its unique formulation with open pores prevents cracking and peeling, offering a longer-lasting stain and finish with less maintenance and less worry.

For All Exterior Wood: DuroGrit is the all-in-one exterior wood stain and coating solution for all wood types and all project types. Suitable for a variety of projects, such as decking, furniture, fencing and siding and a variety of wood species, such as pine, teak, and cedar. Ideal for both home and commercial spaces, it offers a palette of natural and earthy tones, enhancing the beauty of your wood projects with ease and efficiency.

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