Solar Color Dust Ghost Chameleon Pigments


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Product Type: Epoxy & Fillers



Ghost Chameleons Shift Colours at Different Angles of Light!

Ghost Chameleons are Ultra Light Iridescent powder pigments that appear white until applied to a black surface – at which point you see a super vivid color shift!

This pigment can be used for nail art, custom tumblers, colour-changing shoes, slime, and so much more.

Instructions for Use:

Ghost Chameleons should be mixed at a ratio of 1 gram of pigment with up to 4 fl oz of a clear drying base.

This mixture should be applied to a BLACK surface in order to see a vivid color shift!

(Applying to a white surface will give a subtle iridescent effect.)

Ghost Chameleons can be mixed into clear epoxy resin, neutral paints, Mod Podge, lacquer, varnish, clear nail polish, and more in order to be applied to a black surface.

Angelus Neutral Paint is recommended for applying to shoes and other textiles.’

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