Hard Floor Polish (Varnished Floors)


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Product Type: Varnished Floors, Care & Maintenance


Hard Floor Polish is a water-based and ecological maintenance product that provides an extra layer of protection for all types of varnished floors. Hard Floor polish provides an extra protective film and removes micro-scratches, so that the original look of the floor is maintained. The extra protection ensures that the coating lasts longer and prevents adhesion of dirt. Not intended for matte surfaces


Before using Hard Floor polish, the varnish layer must have hardened for at least 10 days. Ensure that the floor is clean before applying the Hard Floor polish. You can clean the floor with Hard Floor Fresh. Apply the Hard Floor polish to a dry and grease-free surface.

Use the Hard Floor polish undiluted. Apply the Hard Floor polish evenly with a microfiber cloth or a mop, in the direction of the wood grain. If necessary, a second coat of Hard Floor polish may be applied after 1 hour.